Friday, 1 January 1971

Judee Sill, by Judee Sill

A1 Crayon Angels 2:35
A2 The Phantom Cowboy 1:40
A3 The Archetypal Man 3:35
A4 The Lamb Ran Away with the Crown 3:10
A5 Lady-O 3:10
A6 Jesus Was a Cross Maker 3:20
B1 Ridge Rider 4:28
B2 My Man on Love 3:23
B3 Lopin' Along Thru the Cosmos 3:00
B4 Enchanted Sky Machines 2:40
B5 Abracadabra 1:54

Pet Sounds, by The Beach Boys

Sadly, blogspot only accepts dates from 1971 onwards, this was released 13 May 1966.